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Daily Maintenance Of Mortar Spraying Machine

412 Date: 2021-01-26 Tag: mortar spraying machine spraying materials spraying
Daily maintenance

(1) Inspection and maintenance before operation

1. Motor equipment: including the inspection of the motor, power supply and transmission line, electric control box, each switch should be in a prescribed state.

2. Lubricating oil: the hand oil pump is forced to refuel several times.

3. Check the hopper for debris and slag.

4. Inspection of spraying hose, spray head and air pipe.

5. Air transport inspection of equipment

a.Jog the motor to check the direction of rotation (main motor clockwise, air compressor counterclockwise);

b. Air compressor, air pressure, air volume, air gun adjustment;

c. Check the condition of a meter, especially whether the voltage meets the design requirements (380v), check the transmission line, wire diameter distance and connector connection, etc.

6 The setting of the wind pressure and the air flow rate will cause the air pressure switch components to loosen during transportation, and the pressure spring should be readjusted.

(2) Inspection and maintenance during spraying operation

1. Check whether all the instruments, buttons, air pressure switches, ball brakes of each circuit and the motor temperature are normal for electrical equipment

2. The spraying hose, spray head and air pipe are all sealed and fixed. There should be no signs of knotting or damage to the air duct and spray pipe.

3. Air system: check the joint seal, fixation and air pressure, air volume and working conditions, etc.

(3) All bolts, nuts and screws should be checked regularly for looseness, and tightened in a timely manner (especially the bolts of the electric control box)

(4) Maintenance after operation

1. Cleaning of grouting hose, air pipe and nozzle

2. Cleaning and inspection of equipment

3. Air compressor. Cut off the power supply, wind source, close all valves, and check all parts.

4. The electrical part cuts off the power and inspects all parts.

5. Remove the pressurized nails and rotor, and reassemble after cleaning.

6. Other processing problems found during operation, cleaning, maintenance, etc.