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Advantages Of Mortar Spraying Machine In House Decoration

388 Date: 2021-03-09 Tag: mortar spraying machine spraying materials spraying

Mortar Spraying Machine mainly used for indoor and outdoor spraying, waterproof grouting and waterproof surface spraying, waterproof spraying, grouting, ceiling spraying, wall spraying, coating spraying, garden spraying, relief effect coating spraying, handicraft spraying, real stone painting, rockery spraying, sculpture spraying, sound-absorbing material spraying.

Mortar spraying machine is an electric screw type high-pressure mortar spraying machine, which has advanced technology, simple operation and maintenance, and can be skillfully operated without special training. Various functions, can spray mortar cement, fire and temperature resistant materials, dry powder, putty and other materials. The spray quantity is even, the power is stable, and there is no intermittent pulse phenomenon, so that the project quality can be guaranteed. The spraying adhesion is strong, the slurry will not drop, the slip will not flow. Reasonable and humanized design makes the machine beautiful and practical, and it is convenient for one person to move back and forth. The utility model can not only greatly shorten the construction period, save time and labor, but also exempt the cost and time of erecting scaffold.

1. Generally speaking, compared with the spray technology appearing on the market, the structure of the mortar spray machine is novel and the spray area is relatively large.

2. It has excellent weather resistance. Low thermal conductivity, stable thermal insulation performance, high softening coefficient, freeze-thaw resistance, anti-aging, and convenient construction. Pre mixed dry mix and lightweight aggregate loading technology can avoid the problem of incorrect weighing on construction site.

3. It has the advantages of multi-point and multi-level construction, high speed, high efficiency and low labor intensity. A spray machine can spray 200 square meters per hour easily.

4. In addition to the preparation time, a mortar sparying machine 8 hours per hour can be used to spray more than 1000 square meters, equivalent to 18 skilled workers working hard for one day

Advantages Of Mortar Spraying Machine In House Decoration