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How To Ensure The Life Of Shotcrete Machine

To extend the life of shotcrete machine, routine maintenance is essential.
1. Adjust homing
Shotcrete Machine at work for some time, wear rings, glasses, plates and other components will inevitably cause friction, and the formation of the gap, this time on the need to manually adjust, its homing.
2. Regular checks of hydraulic components
Refers to a number of hydraulic components and the pressure of the system-related components, including fuel tanks, safety valves, pipelines, etc., the problem to be addressed if these parts immediately.
3. Add the oil in a timely manner
For shotcrete machine, the lubricant is essential, no oil, it is difficult to smooth operation of the machine, the machine will be damaged and forced to work. In addition, if the lubricant is not enough to clean the machine will cause wear and tear, so be sure to check routine maintenance if it needs cleaning and lubricating oil added.
4. To ensure the tightness of the link member
Loose bolts cause damage to the machine not only reduce the life, safety, and more will form a hidden machine. Therefore, in the maintenance process, to promptly check each mounting bolt is solid, check the local main lever at the discharge port at the junction of the various components, various pipes at the pump suction port.