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Scraper Winch Introduction

570 Date: 2023-02-25 Tag: Scraper Winch winch winches

Introduction to the scraper winch

Scraper winch is mainly used for underground or open ore handling and filling operations in metal mines, coal mines and other mines. It can also be used for rake transportation on slopes with low inclination, but cannot be used as lifting equipment. The parallel arrangement of the scraper winch and PB series rake bucket loading machine main engine is common.

Scraper winch structure

The main components of the scraper winch are reduction gear, main drum, auxiliary drum, control device, rope guide device and motor. These parts are installed inside and outside the shell, the shell is a good steel parts, not only to protect, support, and bear all the load. It is bolted to two slides connected to the foundation.

Meaning of type of scraper winch

The scraper winch models are 2jpb-7.5, 2jpb-15, 2 jpb-22, 2 jpb-30. Scraper winch (take 2jpb-7.5 as an example) J: winch class; P: scraper winch; B: explosion protection; 7.5: motor power.