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Traveling Far Striving For Quality! Senegalese Businessmen Visit China Coal Group To Purchase Construction Machinery

313 Date: 2001-01-01 Tag: China Coal News Senegalese Businessmen

In the afternoon of December 6, Senegalese businessmen visited China Coal Group to purchase concrete transfer pumps and other construction machinery, which was warmly received by Yu Cui, executive vice general manager and general manager of e-commerce, and Li Gang, general manager of e-commerce three companies of China Coal Group.

Mr. Li expressed his warm welcome to the businessmen and his entourage and accompanied them to visit China Coal Group Intelligent Manufacturing Achievement Exhibition Hall, Intelligent Equipment Exhibition Hall, Intelligent Production Workshop, Construction Machinery Digital Workshop, introduced the company's products and after-sales service in detail, and answered the questions raised by the businessmen with great clarity, which was recognized and appreciated by the businessmen.

After the visit, in the meeting room of the group, Mr. Li gave a detailed introduction to the businessmen about the current development status of our group, as well as the technical improvement of the equipment, sales cases and so on. After knowing in detail about the intelligent manufacturing level and scientific research and innovation strength of China Coal Group, the businessmen praised the advanced intelligent manufacturing level and production and R&D technology of China Coal Group. The businessmen said that China Coal Group's long-term high standard and strict quality control, fast delivery cycle and comprehensive service had left a deep impression on them, and they would like to maintain long-term strategic cooperation with China Coal Group to realize complementary win-win situation and common development! Subsequently, the two sides signed a long-term purchase agreement of construction machinery on the spot, and carried out in-depth and friendly consultations on the next step of cooperation.

In the next step, China Coal Group will take the signing of the long-term purchase agreement of construction machinery as an opportunity to further expand the scope of cooperation, strengthen cooperation, provide stronger support for the development of the international market, and continue to bring a full range of high-quality services to global merchants.