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Application range of forklift truck

Applicable scope
Industrial handling vehicles widely used in ports, railway stations, airports, freight yards, factories, workshops, warehouses, distribution centers and distribution center, the pallet cargo loading and unloading, handling operations, it is essential to the tray transportation, container transport equipment in the cabin, car and container.
Forklift plays a very important role in the logistics system of the enterprise, which is the main force in the material handling equipment. Widely used in the station, port, airport, factory, warehouse and other departments in the national economy. During the Second World War, the development of forklift. China began to manufacture forklift from the beginning of 1950s. Especially with the rapid development of China’s economy, most of the material handling of the enterprise has been out of the original manual handling, instead of the forklift truck based mechanical handling. Therefore, in the past few years, the demand of
China’s forklift truck market is growing at a rate of two digit per year.
On the market can choose a large number of forklift brands, models, and the product itself is complicated, and very professional, so the choice of models, the choice of suppliers, and so is a lot of choice for companies often face problems. This paper mainly focuses on the selection of models, brand choice, performance evaluation criteria and the contribution rate of China’s Forklift overseas market.