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Why The Shotcrete Machine Routine Maintenance Work Is So Important ?

1275 Date: 2016-11-17 Tag: Shotcrete Machine Routine Maintenance China Coal

Shotcrete machine has been designed for the most difficult site conditions, low maintenance. However, as with all rotor jet, must always pay attention to maintenance. A sealing plate and rotor liner are key parts of the machine that they must pay attention to maintenance, to ensure that the failure does not always happen at work. The pressing force of the rotor clamping system is applied to the sealing plate in the entire plate surface of the non-uniform distribution of matter, between the discharge port and intake port than the maximum, and the maximum pressure point with the continuous rotation of the rotor before and after the shift, the pressure the difference may be clamping system to solve, so that when the machine running the joint surface leakage is extremely slight. 2, the machine applies the correct clamping wear consumption costs have a significant impact. If improper clamping pressure gas in the joint surface between the two plates to escape, and to carry out the fine particles in the dust beside the machine, the outbreak of the role of this sand will erode the seal plate to fail in a short time. 3, the seal plate is not allowed due to excessive stress generated by the clamping gauge, otherwise due to friction heat caused by excessive wear, extreme heat sealing plate is 1100C, generally no more than 800C, in use, is normal. Each class should be cleaned and checked for wear seal plate, if the rubber plate has been worn to such an extent: steel dowels flush with the rubber surface pores or I feed hole gas leak, sealing plates must be replaced. Because then the rotation will be in direct contact with the steel liner sealing plate dowels can not be fully effective seal pretension, but it lost air tightness.