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Shandong China Coal Group E-Commerce Industry Base Development Achievements Reported By Jining Daily

November 25, 2016, "Shandong China Coal Group - to Build Six In One Multi-functional E-commerce Industry Base" was published by Jining Daily in the A04 version of development and reform. The key report of Shandong Coal Group e-commerce industrial base aroused great repercussions on society. Group employees also responded enthusiastically, circulated the newspaper and proud of outstanding achievements in the construction of Group e-commerce industry base.
The report pointed out that the Shandong China Coal Group is large diversified industrial group that combined intelligent equipment manufacturing, e-commerce, software research and development, intelligent logistics in one under the key supporting by National Ministry of Industry, National Ministry of Commerce, Development and Reform Commission and Shandong Province, Jining city, the first batch of producer services key scheduling enterprises. Six major e-commerce service platforms self-development and operated by China Coal Group was spoke highly by the national and provincial and municipal leaders and the community, in particular the successful development and operated domestic machinery industry's first cross-border e-commerce platform -1KUANG.NET, through this platform, the large-scale transportation equipment, material handling equipment, and  number of boring machines, coal cutting machine and other products more than 100 categories of products of large state-owned machinery group were successfully exported to the United States, Australia, Russia and other 145 countries and regions, customers amounted to 48 million,  make an outstanding contribution on promoting the transaction of national industrial and mining machinery industry restructuring and upgrading. The report also mentioned that China Coal Group e-commerce industry base in the future will achieve the linkage development of "e-commerce building + physical commerce + logistics + R & D + online payment", on the platform of Jining City e-commerce demonstration base, build a the national e-commerce demonstration base of commodity trading, intelligent terminal manufacturing, logistics and distribution, industrial services, exhibition Expo, business office, comprehensive support, training.
In recent years, the rapid development of Shandong China Coal e-commerce has aroused wide attention from all sectors of society. April 13, 2015, Our Group was reported by Shandong Satellite TV "News Network" program, titled as "Shandong: B2B e-commerce Boom to Cover the Advantages of Industrial Clusters,"; April 18, 2015, Our Group e-commerce development achievements was reported by  "Jining News Network" program titled as "Accelerate the Development of Information Industry Create a New Silicon Valley", in addition, Dazhong Daily, Qilu Evening News, Jining Daily, Jining Evening News, People's Daily, Jining News Net(, Eesten Holy City Net( and many other provincial and municipal media reported Our Group's innovation and development achievements for several times. The praise and affirmation of all circles of the society will further inspire all employees of the Group to treasure the honor and actively promote the development scale of the Group's e-commerce industry base and speed up the upgrading of the international competitiveness of China Coal brand, and strive to create a new situation of innovation and development of China Coal Group e-commerce!