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Which Type Of Motor Is Used In Crane

524 Date: 2023-01-31 Tag: Crane diesel engine crane

There are two kinds of small cranes for vehicles. One is the ordinary vehicle-mounted lifting machine, which is a hydraulic vehicle-mounted small crane. The hydraulic-mounted small crane is one more hydraulic lifting device than the ordinary vehicle-mounted crane. Nothing else is different, as shown in the comparison chart below:

Today, the technicians of the small crane manufacturer of China Coal Group will give you a detailed explanation of how the car crane can be matched with the motor:

1. Car crane with electric winch

Both the normal and the hydraulic models can be combined with the electric winch. The electric winch has 12V and 24V voltage selections, which are mainly set according to the current voltage of the car battery (battery). Electric winches are 2000 (200 kg), 3000 lbs (300 kg), 3500 lbs (350 kg), 4000 lbs (400 kg), 4500 lbs (450 kg), 6000 lbs (600 kg), and 9,500 lbs depending on the load ( 950 kg), 12,000 pounds (1200 kg),

At present, the electric crane with the electric winch is a relatively common situation. Because it uses the voltage of the vehicle battery, it is very convenient to use, but its shortcoming is that the lifting weight is not high, and the maximum can reach 1000KG.

2. Car small crane with 22V miniature electric hoist

Both regular and hydraulic models can be paired with a 220V miniature electric hoist, which is more suitable for home use and not suitable for truck cranes. If used on the car, when loading and unloading, you need a civilian 220V power supply. The advantage is that the hoist can reach 1 ton. The disadvantage is that because 220V power is needed, it needs to be connected in advance, and the power of the power line is larger. If the loading point or unloading point is farther away from the power supply, you need to prepare a longer wire in advance. This is somewhat inconvenient.

Electric hoist

3. With the car small crane with 380V multi-function hoist

Both normal and hydraulic models are applicable. This condition is suitable for use in the factory floor. If it is installed in the car, it needs to have 380V power supply. If it is used in the factory, it can be fixed on the mobile small board and hoisted after loading the goods. , can be transported over short distances. If it is fixed at a certain point in the high place, the goods can be lifted to a high place to carry out the lifting work of the goods.

4. Car crane with hand winch

This situation is only applicable when there is no power input, manual operation can easily lift the heavy object. The specifications of the hand winch are as follows: 1200 lbs (120 kg), 1800 lbs (180 kg), and 2600 lbs (260 kg).

In summary, you can choose the match according to the actual situation, if you are not sure, you can contact us, we will recommend the appropriate product and lifting program according to your details.