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Concrete Operation Steps Of Mortar Spraying Machine

189 Date: 2021-09-30 Tag: mortar spraying machine

The new type of mortar spraying machine is carefully researched by professional technicians, so there are still many differences in the parts of the mortar spraying machine. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the process of using. We at China Coal Tai also have a detailed study of new products and a detailed understanding of the operation. The following is the technical operation steps mortar spraying machine.

For the operation of new products, first of all, there must be employment conditions, and the driver of the mortar spraying machine must also be professionally trained, and can be employed after passing the qualification. Drivers also need to master the principles of the structure and performance of mortar spraying machine and mixers, as well as knowledge of general troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance. The mortar spraying machine technology of mortar spraying machine must also be familiar with it in detail. When the mortar spraying machine is turned, it is strictly forbidden to enter the mortar spraying machine with hands or other tools. When construction tools are ready for Trolltech last year, check whether the rotating parts of the mortar spraying machine are flexible and reliable, check the power transmission, and jog the mortar spraying machine to determine the direction, and clean the mortar spraying machine. After the work of the mortar spraying machine is completed, the control switch handle is set to the zero position, and the lock is closed. The spraying machine is disassembled to clean the internal and external sanitation and prepare for the shift.