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Precautions During The Use Of Mortar Spraying Machine

Some precautions for using mortar spraying machine

Friends engaged in wall construction should be familiar with mortar spraying machine so do you know what to pay attention to during use? Today, I will give you a detailed introduction to this aspect. I hope it can be helpful to you!
1. Matters needing attention:
1. The conveying pipeline should have firm support
During the operation, it is recommended that you try to reduce the bending state as much as possible, generally like the joints are firmly connected, or it is best not to pressurize or hang heavy objects on the pipeline.
2. It is best to be able to run dry
Generally, it looks like this kind of check that the direction of rotation is correct, and everyone needs to pay more attention to the fact that this kind of transmission part, working device and its hopper filter are complete and reliable, and generally they can be operated.
3. In order to avoid equipment problems and normal operation, it is recommended that the thick lime water or lime paste be fed into the pipeline for lubrication first. Of course, this is to better ensure the normal operation of the machine!
4. Put the mortar into the pump after normal operation.
Under normal circumstances, such mortar must be operated continuously, and everyone needs to pay more attention to that if the mortar is not used in a short time, then it is best to open the return valve to make the mortar circulate in the pump body.

2. Note for cement grouting pump:
1. Before we use it, it is recommended that you perform a clean water test run first, and then check whether the joints and the pump body packing are leaking.
2. Under normal circumstances, after testing the water with this kind of dry pump, we can first send the thin mortar into the pipeline for circulation. The purpose of this is to lubricate the pipeline.
3. When testing the water, it is recommended that you first check whether the ball valve is working properly. Before using it, you must first look at the mortar pump and then put the mortar.
4. During use, in order to prevent precipitation, paint experts remind everyone to remember to stir the mortar in the mortar bucket at any time.

5. In the course of use mortar spraying machine, if a fault is found, in order to prevent accidental injury, please do not carry out maintenance!