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Do You Know Why Concrete Mixer Trucks Become Heavier And Heavier?

1270 Date: 2022-01-20 Tag: Concrete Mixer Trucks

Recently, many users of concrete mixer trucks have reported that their tank trucks have become heavier and the same is going uphill. Now they are leaking materials from the mouth of the tank. After weighing, they find that they weigh more than 1 ton than the new trucks. Why does this happen?

The concrete mixer truck is a vehicle for transporting concrete. If the usual cleaning is not in place, it is easy to stick to the tank. Now let's talk about the matters needing attention in the use of concrete mixer trucks.

First, bring some spare water reducing agents with you

Water reducing agent is a concrete admixture that can reduce the amount of water for mixing under the condition that the slump of the concrete is maintained. It can be carried on the vehicle and can adjust the concrete well. However, when adding water-reducing agent, we must remember that there is a laboratory at Shangye Station, otherwise the quality of concrete is not enough, and the consequences will be serious.

Second,Back to the station to check the amount of water in the water storage tank

Every time you return to the station after unloading the material, check the water amount in the water storage tank. It is best to keep the water in the water tank full at all times for emergency.

Third, Check the concrete quality before leaving the station

May be due to different raw materials, the concrete quality of each car will vary. When leaving the concrete after installation, be sure to check the slump and ease of the concrete in the tank, and pay attention to the early setting of the concrete and the precipitation of the concrete.