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Instructions For Use Of Scraper Winch

708 Date: 2023-02-08 Tag: scraper winch scraper winches winch

Scraper winch in mining often used tools, its use technical requirements are as follows:

1.Scraper winch in the hole harrow mining, generally using temporary fixing method, no permanent fixing foundation; Its fix must be firm, and often check whether the machine's fixed pile loose possibility, found problems should be dealt with in time, in order to ensure the safe operation of equipment.

2.Often carry out a detailed inspection of each part of the harrow. If the lubrication of each part, whether the lack of oil or oil leakage; Abrasion of scraper bucket, bucket teeth, pulley, idler, transmission gear and gear shaft; Fixation and wire breakage of the wire rope; Whether the brake belt is overworn or there is no skidding phenomenon; Check and adjust the brake clearance of the brake belt frequently to ensure that the brake is flexible and reliable, to prevent the brake belt from overheating and excessive wear, to make the shield and seal device to maintain integrity, so as not to fall into the rock.

3.We should pay attention to the situation of the pole at any time. To prevent the scraper bucket in front of the ore and rock accumulation too much or too large block, so as not to cause equipment accidents mass resistance.

4.To often pay attention to the sound of the operation of the scraper winch, in order to distinguish between equipment operation and the normal load. When the temperature of the machine exceeds 70℃, it should be stopped and put into operation after the temperature drops.