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The View Of Mortar Spraying Machine Market

Nowadays, ‘Shotcrete’ is the general word used to determine both wet and dry processes. The major applications of shotcrete are tunnel linings, mining operations, rehabilitation works, refractory systems, and others. The demand for Shotcrete Machine is influenced by its versatile and innovative characteristics as it can be projected onto any shape of surface along with vertical and overhead areas.
Various raw materials used in shotcrete mix design include cement, aggregates, additives (fly-ash, silica-fume), fibers, admixtures (accelerator, plasticizer, and retarder), and water. In dry-mix process, water will be added at the nozzle while spraying. The water flow can be controlled manually by nozzleman based on the surface of application. In wet-mix process, ready-mix concrete is used where air is added at the nozzle for stream control. Among the raw materials admixtures and fibers are added depending on the specific applications.
Global mortar spraying machine market is moderately fragmented, where BASF SE, Sika AG, Heidelberg Cement AG, The Euclid Chemical Company, and Cemex S.A.B. De C.V. constitute about 60% market share in production and supply. The companies in shotcrete machine market need to compete with each other with respect to low prices and wide product range in order to meet the market requirements.