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Structural Composition Of Mortar Spraying Machine

The spraying machine is mainly composed of a feeding device, a spray gun, and an atomization source.

The atomization source varies with different types and sprayers: the atomization source of the air sprayer is composed of air compressor, air pipe, air oil-water separator, and air storage tank; the atomization source of the airless sprayer is the power source , High-pressure pump composition; the atomization source of electrostatic spraying machine is composed of high-frequency high-voltage electrostatic generator.

It consists of two parts: shotcrete and drying. The working mechanism includes a spray booth equipped with nozzles, a leather conveyor belt, a drying system, and a cleaning mechanism. After 2012, the rotary multi-nozzle airtight spraying chamber is mostly used. The nozzles are opened and closed by ultrasonic or computer control, which realizes that there is leather spraying, and no leather is sprayed; it saves coating agents, reduces pollution, and has high coating efficiency. The sprayed leather is sent to the drying zone by a conveyor belt, and collected from the other end after drying.

The spraying machine is a special spraying equipment using high-pressure airless spraying technology.

High-pressure airless spraying, also known as airless spraying, uses a high-pressure plunger pump to directly pressurize the paint to form high-pressure paint, and spray out the muzzle to form an atomized airflow to act on the surface of the object (wall or wood surface). Compared with air spraying, the paint surface is uniform and non-grainy. Due to the isolation from the air, the paint is dry and clean. Airless spraying can be used for the construction of high-viscosity paint, and the edges are clear, and it can even be used for some spraying projects with boundary requirements. Depending on the type of machinery, it is also divided into pneumatic airless sprayers, electric airless sprayers, and internal combustion airless spray sprayers.